The most common type of clip-in hair extensions are weft hair that have clips attached. Weft clip-in extensions are a less permanent option of adding length and body to your hair. You can get both synthetic hair and human hair clip-in extensions. Feather clip-in hair extensions is a fast easy way of adding some individuality... Continue Reading

Human Extensions have come a far way since the early Egyptian days even from the 18th and 19th centuries. Today there are many different forms of Human hair extensions. Human hair extensions come from many different countries and origins, and they also come in different forms from  synthetic hair extensions to human hair ext... Continue Reading

Feather hair extensions are hair extensions that are inspired by feather earrings. Feather hair extensions, just as colored clip-in extensions, are a fun way to put highlights in your hair. There are both real and synthetic feather extensions that come in all the colors of the rainbow. Unlike clip-in extensions, feather h... Continue Reading

Synthetic extensions vary in styles, materials and quality just as human hair extensions do. There are synthetic hair blends which is human hair mixed with synthetic materials. Today I want to talk about Synthetic extensions and answer the questions: “Can you dye synthetic hair extensions?, can you curl synthetic hair extens... Continue Reading

Keratin bonds allows having fusion hair extensions that feel natural. This is important to the overall experience of wearing fusion hair extensions. Today I would like to talk about keratin bonds and the impact that they have on  having good fusion hair extensions. By the time your specialist has chosen the hair extension... Continue Reading

When it comes to blonde hair extensions one of the biggest questions we get is what are the colours and how do I know which one is good for me? When you are buying online, it's important to know what all the colours mean? In the table below, here is a list of the most common blonde hair extensions and their colour names. ... Continue Reading

So, what is the real cost of hair extensions? More and more people are discovering the benefits of having hair extensions. From the ease of adding volume and length to their hair to just wanting to give their own hair a break. Celebrities have been on the forefront as they have also discovered the same benefits. However, ... Continue Reading

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="318" caption="human hair wigs for black women"][/caption] If you are looking for human hair wigs for black women there are a few things you should keep in mind. Do want to wear you wigs on and then off at night? Maybe lace front wigs are not for you. Do you prefer to have you... Continue Reading

We were going through our collection of braids hairstyles we have done on our customers at MaryClaris over the last 10 years and we were surprised at the variety and scope of the clients. By going over the pictures and what the clients requested, we thought it would be fun to go through some of the braids hairstyles and just... Continue Reading

Hair Extensions have introduced quite a number of methods of attaching hair extension pieces to ones head. One of the methods that is new to most people is the cornrow method. This has led to the envitable question:  do sewn in hair extensions damage your hair? To some this is a legitimate question while to others, they d... Continue Reading

Finding a good hair extension specialist can be tough and create anxious moments. But it doesn't have to be. By following a simple checklist you can easily and quickly narrow down who the best hair extension specialist are. Before looking at this hair extension specialist checklist, lets briefly go over the state of... Continue Reading

Clip in colored hair extensions are a fun way to make hair highlights. They are usually single clip in extensions as shown below. They come in a large variety of colours. This variety allows you to have fun with different highlights. Because they are non-chemical, clip in colored hair extensions will not damage your hair. T... Continue Reading

This article describes what you need to make clip in extensions. It will list the materials required and some helpful pointers. As many people find the benefits of having hair extensions, there is a growing demand to find out how to make clip in extensions. The process itself it quite simple once you know what you are loo... Continue Reading

Just saw this post on Naomi Campell's hair. If this picture is true, then it appears that what we suspected is true: Naomi Campell does suffer from alopecia. [caption id="attachment_34" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Naomi Campbell showing hair loss"][/caption] Alopecia is not contagious and is believed to be... Continue Reading

After removing her hair extensions from her visit to Toronto, Miley had new hair extensions put in last week. How much do you think they cost her? $500, $5,000? Click on the link below to find out. MaryClaris Hair extensions can also have you adding length and volume to your hair for much less than what Miley paid for wit... Continue Reading

After much anticipation, we finally had our Vernon Sunshine Festival on June 19th. The weather finally cooperated and it was a sunny day that was enjoyed by all. Thanks to all who came by and welcomed us to this beautiful city. We look forward to serving the city of Vernon and surrounding areas with a wide range of hair e... Continue Reading

We are excited to inform everybody that we have just opened our Vernon branch this week. Located at 3012 30th Avenue, we are happy to announce that we will be bringing the same level of service, expertise and wide range of products that you have come to expect from our Kelowna branch. This coming Saturday, 19th of June we... Continue Reading