braids hairstyles

We were going through our collection of braids hairstyles we have done on our customers at MaryClaris over the last 10 years and we were surprised at the variety and scope of the clients. By going over the pictures and what the clients requested, we thought it would be fun to go through some of the braids hairstyles and just offer some comments. So here goes,

blonde braids hairstyle

I just love this blonde braids hairstyle. It matches the client's complextion really well. Blonde braids are such a stunning look on most white people. We used our highest quality braids in this case. You can tell by the beautiful shine on the braids. The thing I love about these braids is that they are able to maintain their shine for a long time. This braids hair style is good for three months.

half cornrow braids styles

The half cornrows braids hair style is perfect for young children. As shown it offers a cute carefree way to go through summer. Virtually maintenance free, you can pretty much do whatever you want with these cornrow braids. The only thing is ensure that the you apply oil/sunscreen to the scalp when you are outdoors. More importantly, braids cornrows allow the hair to grow. This is perfect for any family planning on going on a camping trip.

three quarter braids hairstyles

The three quarter braids hairstyle is such a lovely style. By leaving the last quarter of your hair extensions free, they offer stunning volume at the bottom. One concern is whether the braids will unravel. If done properly, the do not and we have a few options at our disposal to do that. Again we used our highest quality braids on this client and were able to achieve a stunning shine to the braids.

blonde red black braids hairstyles

The blonde red black braids hairstyle is a more daring choice! We like to think of it as the rainbow braids hairstyle. The trick is to find the right blend of the colors. In this particular case, the client felt bold and wanted the colours to reflect that. The black hair extensions set a beautiful base from which all the other colors start from.

blue black braids hairstyles

In this braids hairstyle, the blue-black combination is a nice muted blend that shows quiet confidence. Notice how the ends are left free. Unlike the three-quarter braids hairstyle shown above, the idea here is not to add volume at the bottom of the braids, but just leave flowing.
High volume braids hairstyles

high volume braids hairstyle

It might be hard to tell from looking at this picture, but this client is wearing braids. The big difference is how tight they are. They give quite a thick volume that is beautifully deceiving. This style is not for everyone as it takes a day or two to get used to the weight, but once you do, it offers a really nice look.We have hundreds of pictures but I hope this short list offers you a quick look at the braids hairstyle choices available. What is your favourite braids choice? Please leave us a comment below.Are you looking for braids in Kelowna or Vernon? Contact us at 250-862-8406 or 778-475-5955 for a free consultation
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